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The Boisset Ambassador - An unparalleled business opportunity in the world of wine. 
Greetings!  I invite you to join me and become a Boisset Ambassador and experience a rewarding career in the world of wine.  Represent an exceptional collection of wines, wine-inspired jewelry, and luxury accessories for the home from the Boisset Collection.  You will enjoy access to our exclusive events, opulent experiences and a community that shares your passion for wine.

Share Exclusive Wines - Share Boisset’s diverse collection of wines with your friends, family, and social networks.  We will show you how to become a personal curator and guide memorable tasting experiences.  
Ambassadors have access to more than 100 allocated wines from Boisset Collection wineries in France and California.  Share wines at social gatherings, in-home tastings, and online.   You will represent our iconic wineries including Raymond Vineyards in Napa Valley, Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, DeLoach Vineyards in Russian River Valley, and our historic wineries in Burgundy, France.  No inventory is required and Boisset Collection conveniently ships directly to the customer for you. 

A Powerful Platform - When you join our team of Ambassadors you become part of the inner circle of the wine world.  Ambassadors earn generous commissions sharing our wines in a flexible way that can fit into your busy life and existing career.    

Our Cellar Suite technology platform provides you with a personalized website, on-demand training, and digital marketing tools.  Ambassadors earn 15-35% commission and additional bonuses for growing a team.  Perks include complimentary tastings at our wineries, industry discounts, events in the heart of wine country, and the opportunity to earn all-expense paid luxury trips to France.  

Launch & Grow Your Business - It only takes a few minutes to join and  launch your wine business. To enroll, choose an Ambassador Kit and subscribe to our Cellar Suite platform.  

Tastings and Wine Society memberships are the heart of your business but you can expand your opportunity into corporate gifting, custom labels, wine-inspired jewelry, and our luxury lifestyle accessories. Invite others to join you in the wine business and earn additional bonuses.  You will soon realize the opportunities are endless! 

Education and Training - We provide our Ambassadors with training from our dedicated home office team, our talented winemakers and our Boisset Sommelier.  We make it easy to get started quickly with the basics and provide ongoing training when you are ready to learn more. Your sponsor and our community of Ambassadors are here to support and cheer you on.  Whether you are just learning about wine or an experienced enthusiast, all you need is your passion for wine and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Take this journey with us as an Ambassador and discover a World of Wine REIMAGINED.

Contact Scott Bigelow at O: 925-648-1316 / C: 925-699-3310 / to learn more

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