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They handed me this clunky Canon 35 MM film monster (1V). I peered through the view finder pressed the shutter release and then…”shaclick”! That moment literally changed my life. It felt as if time stood still. I said " I gotta get me one of these!”. Well, I didn’t even make it home first. I went straight to Circuit City and bought my very first camera, a Minolta Maxxum 5. The rest of the summer of 2000 I spent taking pictures of any and everything I could. Which meant I was taking lots of pictures of kids where I worked and landscapes of my local neighborhood. My boss at the time supported my new found love of photography and let me display my photos in the entry hall of the site I worked at. Since then ive been looking to tell the stories of others. The thing I enjoy the most is watching the folks who believe that they "dont photograph well" and working with them and watching them transform infant of my camera.


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