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The Five-Legged Chair Analogy

The main purpose of a chair is to be a seat. It's most stable and provides the most value with five legs. Although, you can try with three legs but it might get a little shaky. If you try to use it as a seat with anything less than three legs, it's not very effective and becomes too much of a balancing act. Many organizations have one or two legs that work adequately, but not many can claim they have five stable legs. Sina Advisory Group believes that every organization has five legs:

1.Information Technology (IT)
3.Business Operations
4.People (sales and customer service)
5.Product and Services

Sina Advisory Group provides services that directly or indirectly improve all 'legs' of your company. Every leg should create or facilitate a sale of your product or service. Every sale is a result of connecting the dots between IT, finance, business operations, and people. If all 'legs' work together, the sales and revenue of the organization is the natural outcome. Let Sina Advisory Group provide a stable business function for your organization.

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