SPENGA Danville



About Us

Welcome to an unrivaled fitness experience. Unlike any studio of its kind, SPENGA combines three essential elements of fitness to create what’s simply known as the best workout ever.

We believe strong bodies and minds are created through the power of ride, rep, revive. And when your fitness routine works, life just works too. That’s why each 60 minute SPENGA session boosts your endurance, strengthens your muscles and restores your body through a combination of 20 minutes of spin, 20 minutes of HIIT training and 20 minutes of yoga.

Our unique studio fills a gap in the fitness market, delivering cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training in every session. It's outside of big box and beyond boutique with adjustable and sustainable fitness. Our 4,500 square foot space provides plenty of room for social distancing. Members never share equipment, and our trained staff deep cleans the studio between each session. With space dedicated specifically to each element of the workout, invigorating aromatherapy and energizing DJ-inspired beats, your performance and results are maximized. In short, you’ll be on the fast track to discovering your fittest self.

But that’s not all we’re about. SPENGA is a community of like-minded individuals all looking to make the most out of their lives and their workouts. Every time you step into our studio, we guarantee we’ll be there cheering you on every ride, rep and revive of the way. Because when you are your happiest, healthiest self – everyone wins.