Residential Renewable Energy Consultant


I graduated in 2017 and am now a Senior Consultant at Sungrade Solar. The renewable energy industry is flourishing here, and I do the project management for residential solar panel system installations. There's currently a federal tax credit a homeowner claims to cover 30% of the system's value. The process starts by concisely explaining to homeowners why the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy makes sense. From there, I ask questions to understand every person's unique situation. There's a very interesting psychological element to this job, as it's so important to build comfort with the client. At the end of the day, there's no upfront cost to do the project and we replace their monthly utility electric bills with a lower solar monthly rate. So, shifting to clean power is both environmentally supportive and financially logical. 

Here is a quick recap of the electricity program I send to homeowners:

  • No upfront installation cost  
  • Reduce your monthly electric bill by 20%-40%
  • Own the system
  • 100% transferable to the new homeowner with no lien on the property 
  • 25-year warranty coverage included 
  • Quality panels + monitoring service
  • Consultant handles all logistics for the project
  • Enjoy clean energy! 

The focus here is leveraging our passion for the environment to diligently spread the word and install solar all over the state!

We're accepting applications in any of our four offices:

San Jose, Walnut Creek, Los Angeles, Orange County

What We Include: 

  • Salary plus commission: unlimited compensation based on performance 
  • Health Insurance with 401k
  • PTO
  • $3,000 Relocation Support 
  • Clear advancement path to additional perks and career growth
  • Full access to top training online platforms and in-person coaching sessions with team managers
  • Exhilarating atmosphere with our top producers


  • Bachelor’s degree showcasing communication skills
  • Thorough customer service and critical thinking skills
  • Eligible to work in the U.S. now and in the future without sponsorship for employment visa status (e.g. H-1B visa status)
  • Prior knowledge of solar not a requirement, but definitely a plus


  • Determine suitability of sites using proprietary tools and satellite tech
  • Hone your personal voice to reach people in a collaborative, effective way 
  • Guide quality prospects through the solar installation process
  • Deal confidently with all inquiries 
  • Build value in our company 
  • Educate homeowners about the booming renewable energy industry
Sungrade has a supportive culture based on ethical sales practices and a strong attitude of excellence. This job brings personal financial security, and a stellar opportunity to participate in healing our planet via the shift to green power.

*Voted 2018 Best Places to Work on Glassdoor*

Sungrade sets itself apart by: 


  • Purchasing the 25-year extended warranty programs for all the system's pieces 
  • Including a backend monitor service with a Solar Edge app so the client has the option to check production at anytime 
  • Outsourcing the financier and installer to stay cash flow positive 
  • Using original, cutting-edge software to form sales team partnerships 
  • Supplementing it all with the 25-year production guarantee
Founders — environmentally driven


Our CEO & CIO have been long time friends both with an intense mission to develop this world to be a more sustainable place for society. Both heavy green activists, motivated by their true WHY & mission, has allowed them to develop a culture unlike any other. Our CEO, Aaron Katz, had 2 different solar installation companies on the east coast (both still operating today) in which he was able to figure out what worked best & what didn’t work so well in the solar industry as it is a very new & unique one. His 10+ years of experience in the industry has allowed him to be one of the best decision makers. The combo of our experienced founders and our young, fire powered consultants curates a sound team. 

It's important to outline how Sungrade's business model is so strong:

For 1) Be risk averse. Taking on a high amount of debt, doing everything in house is very risky. Many Solar companies chose to do financing in house, as well as in house installation. Doing in house financing causes the company to take on a high amount of debt, and not see their ROI often until 15+ years down the road. If sales drop? Debt is still there. Additionally, they did installation in house. Financing, sales and install are the 3 main departments of a solar company. If you imagine an install department, it's a team that must be professionally trained to install on roofs, and people paid based off of fulfillment — in other words, salary employees. The issue with this? With Solar you have the peak and off peak months. In the peak months, (summer specifically), companies would become extremely backed up, not able to install for 3-4+months since installers would be so busy. This caused dissatisfied clients, high cancel rates, sales consultants to leave the company because they wouldn’t get paid on a signed deal for months, and the model would crash. On the other hand, if it was a slow few months, those installers are still a fixed cost for the company. If sales were low, and jobs were not being fulfilled every single day, the installers salary were basically a wasted cost for the company. Not only this, if a company had to shut down a sales office, that sales office would have salary installers in the area as well. Instead of trying to do it all ourselves, instead, we took the approach of partnerships. For our installers we partner with a variety of the top install companies in the world. Companies that have been doing it for 5 - 10+ years, and have a tremendous reputation. As we continue to scale, open new offices, we simply find the best installers in the area that are already established there to do our installs. Cuts out the learning curve. If sales are high? We never have a backlog because we can just add more crews without taking on the high fixed costs. If sales are low? We can cut back on the number of crews, always making sure we’re not bleeding cash. Additionally, we outsource our financing. We partner with the only AA bond rated solar financier — a very financially stable company. Therefore, when we enter into an agreement with a client we remain VERY cash flow positive as we get paid upfront at every job. We let Dividend be the experts in financing, they take on the debt, and focus on their specialty, leaving us to constantly see cash flow coming through. Therefore, with every job, our resources, attention, and focus are entirely on you, the customer. We essentially are the sales, logistics, and service engine for everything. We have the fastest and most efficient timelines in the industry because we have a lean operation, where all the resources are built around making our sales process so simple and focusing on the client.

Here are Sungrade's reviews (over 200, 5-star ratings):

3) Differentiate Yourself. As I’m sure you know, CA is the tech center of the world — Silicon Valley. What is propelling society forward, creating jobs, creating the most successful individuals in the world? Tech. I moved here over a year and a half ago largely so I could be near the tech center of the world. Our society will continue moving forward as technology continues to develop, and it is inevitable that it will. Amazon is shutting down Brick and Mortar stores, Uber is taking over the Taxi/public transportation industry, it’s because they have differentiated themselves. So for us, we are not just a solar company, but rather a Solar Tech company. You’re probably familiar with SalesForce? Biggest CRM in the world, great company, what most solar companies use as their customer relationship management tool for their sales team. We are developing essentially the Solar version of SalesForce (show iPad). With Uber you know how you can track the car, see the ETA, and know when it’s arriving? That basically what myself & our CRM does for you. Our world class software team has created this tool specifically built for solar. It allows us and our logistics team to organize, keep track of, and manage our customer base, as well as others. This along with our logistics team is essentially a fulfillment service and introduces how we will take over the industry — Solar Franchising in a sense. You’re familiar with McDonald’s business model of franchising? We are doing that for solar, it’s called the “EPC” model — Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Since we have such a unique software & logistics department, other solar companies that want to be able to enter into the industry but have a tough barrier to entry (due to the difficulty of working with the city, utility department, install, financing, etc.) come to us for their fulfillment services. They are their own brand, so it protects our brand identity, and they are “fulfilled” by Sungrade. We charge a fixed rate per job, and any deal they sell, is Sungrade Revenue. As our fixed costs remain the same for those departments, our revenue spikes. Our internal sales team does high volume, we provide the training & expertise to our “franchised” companies, allowing Sungrade’s growth to be the speed of essentially multiple companies. No company has mastered this, because they have spread themselves too thin. We saw this potential in the market place, and make decisions aligned with it. 

We focus on Our People, translating to the best customer experience. We care about our Planet stemming from our amazing founders, which is what drives us to grow the industry — to create a sustainable future. We are a company that understands how finances work, and make sure we are cash flow positive & profitable by focusing on staying risk averse, specializing in our area of expertise, not spreading ourselves too thin, and differentiating ourselves by being the first solar - tech company.

Contact me at or 224-456-9296 to get more information about the position! 

You're also welcome to apply at to YouTube to see examples of other 60-second application videos. Note- mention my name for a guaranteed interview!

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