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At Rae in Motion 1 on 1 Virtual Strength Training and Nutrition Consulting we endeavor to intuitively and individually make health possible for all. Caring for each client holistically, we use the slow-motion method of strength training to safely, efficiently and effectively increase overall strength and wellness. By keeping the muscles properly loaded and being watchful of form and speed, the muscles are brought to their greatest point of growth, while the joints are not impacted. Workouts are specifically formulated for each individual and are conducted personally, in a safe 1 on 1 atmosphere. For those who desire to increase their health with proper nutrition, we offer personal Nutrition Consulting. Offering as much guidance as needed by the client. With all our services offered virtually, clients can strive toward greater health, safely and conveniently, anywhere in the world.


Nicole Rae - Director of Health & Fitness at Rae in Motion
Retain and build bone density with strength training
All of our services are offered virtually
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